This is a platform for yoga teachers and students to find each other, deepen their practice, gain chosen family along the way. You may find one teacher here then follow them on their own site, which is what we want. WYoga serves our students AND our teachers.

"I love this locally world famous yoga studio. The trainers are so knowledgeable, they meet you where you are, zero judgment. I felt understood. The diversity in the teachers, the students: livestream and in person classes made me feel like this is the future for yoga. Gave me hope."

- J


I am Wendy, founder of WYoga. Covid19 pushed me out of my comfort zone into exploring viable ways to serve our community.

So so many stories of suffering, anxiety, worry, trauma. It is out of this, and along various winding roads that brought WYoga to this platform. To serve you. It is all about how we can serve, help find some peace and solutions for life as it is.

I am one of many trainers, who will, over time be sharing their courses on this platform. Join us as we go on this journey together.