Feeling so much? Just want the constant negative thoughts to stop? Need strength to carry on?

Feeling sad, anxious, worried, super fearful and uncertain... can't seem to focus?

You are not alone. Start your personal (r)evolution with these 5 Paths. Tap into your inner power, lead from the heart where ever you are in your life.

Wendy understands and wants to share what she has learned over the over 3 decades of spiritual learning and practice.


Rest assured after this short course Wendy will be here for you with more classes that will include published research to validate, reinforce, expand on each of these 5 paths.

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5 Techniques


How to Use them

We get it, we feel you, we know it and feel it ourselves...each in our personal stories and in our current social and political context.... this course aims to help.

It is just an introduction, more are coming to expand on each of the 5 paths, experientially, intellectually and spiritually.