WYoga's RYT 200

Do you feel a calling but are uncertain of your own inner power to lead, to teach with conviction, strength and vision? Looking for a sacred space to feel understood, heard, accepted and valued? Then this is the training for you.

Once upon a time....

A yogi felt that the spiritual, physical and mental experience that she had in yoga, was not explained fully in her teacher training. She also could not confidently teach after her teacher training. And it was so expensive!

She created a program to address of the beauty and knowledge of yoga, the business and the practicality of teaching.

This RYT200 is so extensive, that all graduates of WYoga's RYT200 get 100 hour credit towards the 300 hour training.

Keep students aligned, safe and aware

Safe, Aligned and Aware

Keeping students safe, by understanding the physiology, the alignment of the yoga poses. Keep the students aware and connected with the theme of the class intertwined throughout the asana practice.

"I am impressed at the depth of knowledge of Wendy and Dina. They are so down-to-earth and accessible. I feel valued and understood."

Flexibility and Accessibility

For the in person course, it includes the virtual and online content. It is truly unlimited. YOu can take the course over again at no added cost, zero expiration dates for completion.

For the Virtual and online program, you have 6 months to finish the pre-recorded content, 2 more months to finish up the papers. If you have not finished you can pay for an extension.

You can opt to have a mentor to follow you along on your journey then perhaps become one yourself!

"I made yoga friends, who turned into yoga family. And Years later we are all still in touch"

Spirituality and Business

Yoga is a spiritually based tradition, and yoga is also a business. As the Buddhists say "Enlightenment, then the laundry". This training gives access to both.

"I loved that the philosophy and spirituality of yoga is woven into every section of the course."

"The business of yoga is so important, there was enough to start off. I am excited to hear that there's a new courese coming upto cover the nuts and bolts of how to"

Choose a Pricing Option

4 payments of $800/month

IN Person RYT200 at Balance Yoga

This package is for in person sessions at Balance Yoga in Larchmont NY. We meet every Sunday 8.30am to 5.30pm for 12 weeks.

This package includes all of the online and virtual sessions if you cannot make it to Sunday session. There are 45 classes that need to be taken virtually or in person.


TT Extention

More time to access and complete the program

WYoga is happy and proud to offer the heavily discounted offer for RYT200, with access to teachers and livestream classes. In order to continue to do so, we need to adhere to the expxiration date of 6 months.

We are proud of you too, for picking up where you left off to finish what you began. Bravo!

This payment option is for those who signed up for the $495 program or the the payment plan for the 6 month discounted course.

Time and life got in the way. NOw, YOu need more time to finish. This option is for just that. This is a monthly recurring payment. To stop the payment you can do so when you log into your account.

This is a subscription product billed on a monthly basis until you cancel. Cancel anytime from the account management page.

Empower, Lead and Love

Anyone could start studying yoga and not finish all that there is to know, over the course of MANY lifetimes. If you feel the urge, and are super curious, deeply desire to learn more about yoga, join our email list for our growing list of available courses.