Module 1 Part 2

This module has a lot of philosophical concepts core to yoga. Plus the practical aspect of the sun salutations. There are more videos to be uploaded on bones and muscles, please have your Ray Long books with you for those. They will be uploaded during the week. For some this is the most intense module, just make sure to have the worksheet with you and fill it out while watching, then the quiz will be a cinch. Next week Sunday 8.30am is the live session.

Here is the youtube link to watch and to practice the sun salutations

Make sure to have watched the youtube video on the Sun Salutations before the live session (even if it's the only video that you have time to watch before the live session on the 25th).

Please leave your video teaching centering, warm ups and sun salutations as a vimeo link and password in the comment section.

muscles and bones presentation.pdf
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